Jacopo Poli


A company is made up of buildings, machinery and equipment, but above all people, otherwise things will have no soul. That's why I believe that the history of this Distillery is inextricably bound with the history of the people who created it: their dreams, their thoughts and their actions. Over the centuries, the Poli family have worked as shepherds, hatters, inn-keepers and, finally, distillers. The goods they produced and sold – cheeses, straw hats, wines and Grappa – may have changed. But what never has are the values that have inspired and continue to inspire these activities: a sense of duty, a sense of social responsibility, respect for the customer and for the goods produced, and a sense of honour towards the family name. These are the principles we draw our inspiration from every day, and that bind together all the generations that have gone before us. These are our Roots. Only roots that go deep into the land can give such an ethereal fruit as Grappa.