Travaglini has managed to become, since its creation in 1920 by Clemente Travaglini a reference in the Gattinara region. It is in this small appellation in northern Piedmont, in the foothills of Monte Rosa that the Travaglini family cultivates with heart 59 hectares of Nebbiolo, the noblest grape of Italy. The generations have managed to keep the family passion for winemaking since it is now the great grand-daughter of Clemente, Cinza, and his family that manages the field. They keep the focus on limited quantity production to offer a wine reflecting the power of the land and everything a Nebbiolo can offer. Such an outstanding wine deserves a unique bottle. It is with this in mind that Giancarlo Travaglini created in 1958 his famous bottle. This unique shape, exclusive to Travaglini is a true work of art that allows the wine to be served without settling.