G.D. Vajra is located in Vergne, the highest village in the Commune of Barolo, with vineyards planted with Nebbiolo at heights of 350-400 metres above sea level, as well as with Dolcetto and Barbera. This high altitude, combined with the impact from Piedmont’s continental climate, means the grapes mature much slowler than other areas and crus, with the result that its Barolos have always been recognised as quite distinctive: wines with youthfully ample aromas, showing prominent but judicious acidity, generous fruit always lively and crisp, whose primary stylistic signature is their aromatic elegance.


Milena and Aldo Vaira are among the dedicated and passionate winemakers who consign the utmost respect for their land while granting their wine with an entirely unique signature portraying elegance and character due to rigorous and consistent effort. Since 1970, they gradually expend the family vineyard to 40 hectares from which 10 hectares are planted of Nebbiolo for the production of Barolos. Today, they can relate on the help of Giuseppe and Isidoro their two sons to make sure that the authenticity and the high quality of their wines are well maintain for further years to come.