Fattoria le Pupille


Elisabetta Geppetti, better known as lady of Morellino and owner of Frattoria le Pupille,has been a real ambassador for Morellino. Her efforts have truly allowed the region to be recognized and shine on the global wine map.

Elisabetta Geppetti has given life to a dream thanks to her tenacious character and her youthful enthousiasm, which are stil, after 30 years, the traits which portray her best. It is also thanks to her entrepreneurial ability that she has been able to build one of the most important wineries in Tuscany.

The 75 hectares vineyards located in the south-west of Tuscany, between Scansano and Magliano, produce today a well-known variety of Toscana IGT, Maremma Toscana IGT and DOCG with notorious labels such as, Poggio Argentato (the 2015 vintage will be available in SAQ in September, code 13038930), RosaMati, Pelofino, Fattoria le Pupille Riserva, Poggio Valente Riserva, Fattoria le Pupille Morelino di Scansano ( the 2015 vintage will be available via private import), SolAlto and the famous Saffredi (the 2012 vintage will be available in the SAQ in the Courrier Vinicole in November code 12986305).

Mother of 5 children, Elisabetta is now passing on her passion for wine and her lands to her family. Her firstborn Clara, is keeping busy within the winery business, already revealing a promising future for the winery.