Col de Salici


Located in Castello Roganzuolo (TV) the Col de ‘Salici brand was born along with Compagnia del Vino, in 1997. The decision to start our own history with Prosecco, comes from a vision, that of the founder Gaincarlo Notari , which was able to predict 20 years earlier, what would become one of the symbols in the world for the Italian life style:
PROSECCO. What was lacking in the market at the time, was perhaps a company focused exclusively on quality production: the Prosecco from Compagnia del vino had to offer something more. It was thought of a refined packaging that refers to the precious bottles used for the best champagne and to a production-philosophy that required vinification only from the best grapes and frequent bottling.
For these reasons, today as then, the Prosecco Col de’ Salici is always at its full potential for effervescence, freshness and aromas.