Why Scaia? In Veneto dialect, the word “scaia” means a chip of stone, chalk, limestone: it is a tribute to our soil, where a line of unique young wines is produced.

The zone is to the north-east of Verona, near the historic areas where two illustrious Veronese wines are produced: Valpolicella and Soave. Our vineyards are on a ridge of hills, close to the Alps. SCAIA is not just a line of wines: it is a new way of thinking about wine, in a land where tradition has great value. From the classicism of historic wines like Soave and Valpolicella sprang the necessity to create something new, closer to our requirements as young producers. We began with three young SCAIA wines, made only in steel barrels, in a constant search for freshness, pleasant drinking and aromatic complexity. We then added two other, more complex wines, which have not lost those characteristics, even though they are partly produced with slightly withered grapes.