Ca' del Bosco


Maurizio Zanella and the Franciacorta region are one. From this encounter was born Ca’Del Bosco. In the early 70s, while he wasn’t even of age, he decided to plant his first vines there. This was the beginning of a love story. Returning from a trip to Champagne, Maurizio has one thing in mind: to produce similar wines in Italy. Mission accomplished, Maurizio became over the years one of the most innovative and brilliant winemakers in Italy. Ca 'del Bosco is known primarily for its sparkling, which can compete with the best of Champagne. They acquire their sharpness for a bottle in storage on yeast, which lasts at least two years which is longer than necessary for a champagne. This process is decisive for the fineness of beading. With the two wines "Maurizio Zanella" and Chardonnay, Ca 'del Bosco reached a level unparalleled, which is why this area is the only one to rank among the world elite in the three categories sparkling, white and red.